Brilliant joke

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The life-enriching power of creativity

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it.

A perfect embodiment of the pure joy that creativity can bring to people’s lives, boiled down to 23 minutes.

The story of how McCartney came to write Let It Be is truly wonderful.

Unmissable stuff.

Old school technology

Paint tubes

Be Kind

This is really great…

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

This is one of many life-saving ideas being led and championed by my brother-in-law Dr Robert Hackett and the Patient Safety network he’s set up. I’m super-proud to be a playing a part in helping spread the word about this important movement.

The initiative is an awesome demonstration of how powerful it can be when relentless passion meets brilliantly simple creative thinking.

Please check it out and share the f**k out of the video. Thank you!

Twice as good as anything else I’ve seen this week

Great on every level

The philosophy, idea, relevance to the brand, writing, cinematography, casting, performances, music track, end shot, end line. So good.