A beautiful contradiction

Everything about this performance is so special. Especially Jake Clemons’ sax playing, the violinists’ obvious enjoyment (especially towards the end) and Springsteen himself being so into it. He recently said something in an interview that strongly resonated with me:

“You go out on stage each night as if, one, it’s the most important thing in your life you can do. And, two, it’s only rock’n’roll. You’ve got to be able to keep those conflicting points of view in your mind at the same time without letting either of them drive you crazy, or taking either of them at 100% face value.”

Now I’m no musician but I really love the idea that each performance is all-important but kind of not that important too. And perhaps that’s true for all creative endeavours. On one level it’s just a song, painting, poem, (or even, dare I say, ad) at the end of the day. But unless you approach it as though it’s the most important thing in the world, it won’t transcend the ordinary and truly connect…