Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.06.06 PMCopywriter: Oh shit, we don’t have a headline and we’re running out of time!

Art Director: Come on, we must have something?

Copywriter: I’m drawing a blank and the deadline’s almost here.

Art Director: Seriously? This is BMW. Such an iconic brand. Let’s think back to all those brilliant ads from the ’90s for some inspiration.

Copywriter: Nope…still nothing.

Art Director: Look, we’re stuck with this packshot and this pricing info but we must be able to come up with some wordplay that’ll at least raise half a smile?

Copywriter: Er…I think I’m losing it…or maybe I never had it. I’m such a hack! We should start looking for new jobs. How much do you think being an Uber driver actually pays?

Art Director: Pull yourself together man. Look, it’s a coupe. Give me some puns about speed, you must have some of those?

Copywriter: Seriously, my pun drawer is bare. I’m in a state of blind pun-ic. Actually, that’s pretty go-

Art Director: I’ve got it!

Copywriter: You have?

Art Director: We’ll just take a line from the brief and put it at the top of the ad.

Copywriter: Sounds good! The proposition?

Art Director: Too obvious. We’ll use this bit from ‘the task’ section.

Copywriter: But…it kind of doesn’t make sense…

Art Director: And your point is…?

Copywriter: My point is…you’re a genius!

Art Director: Compared to you that may actually be true. Hey, to jazz it up a bit, let’s chuck an aspirational cliche down by the price-point.

Copywriter: Brilliant! Pub?

Art Director: Pub.