Superhuman creative brilliance

I’m often slagging things off on here so it feels refreshing to be posting about something truly great. This feels like one of those bolts out of the creative blue. Utterly remarkable brilliance that is wonderful on every level. It inspires me as a creative, as a sports fan and, most of all, as a human being.

This book is wonderful

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Here’s a little taster:

“When I got divorced,” she said, I had to sell the house in Westchester. A couple in the business of importing Chinese furniture and art objects bought the house and began moving things in a week before I was to leave.

One night I went down into the basement and began looking through some of their crates. I found a pair of beautiful porcelain vases. On impulse, I took one. I thought, They’ve got everything, I’ve got nothing, why shouldn’t I? When I moved, I took the vase with me. A week later the husband called and said this funny thing had happened, one of this pair of vases had disappeared, did I know anything about it. No, I said, sounding as bemused as he, I didn’t know anything about it, I’d never seen the vases. I felt awful then. But I didn’t know what to do. I put the vase in a closet and never looked at it again.

Ten years passed. Then I began thinking about the vase. Soon the thought of the vase began to obsess me. Finally, this past year I couldn’t stand it anymore. I packed up the vase as carefully as I could, and sent it back to them. And I wrote a separate letter, saying I didn’t know what had possessed me, why I had taken this thing that belonged to them, and I wasn’t asking for forgiveness, but here it was back. A few weeks later the wife called me. She said she’d gotten this strange letter from me, she didn’t know what I was talking about, and then this package came, and inside this package was about a thousand shards of something or other. What on earth was it that I had taken and was now sending back?”