Genius or pants?

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My first thought when I walked past this ad was, really? Are people seriously going to come down to Mitre 10 to take selfies with a dog from an ad campaign? Not gonna happen, it’s nonsense, right?

But I’ve thought about it a bit more and I’m starting to come around. I actually think this could be a stroke of advertising genius. People love dogs. People especially love cute dogs. And, I may be wrong on this one but I think people like the Dulux ads with the dog, too.

What I do know for sure, as I live around the corner from this shop, is that people love looking around Mitre 10. It’s always busy with people checking out the screwdrivers, pontificating about drill bits, chatting with the staff about the merits of energy saving lightbulbs vs conventional ones.

So bringing together iconic cute advertising dog with DIY equipment heaven could actually be the mother of all in-store activations. Perhaps there’ll be a queue snaking out of the door and around the corner on Saturday. Perhaps Facebook feeds will be jam-packed with me-and-the-Dulux-dog pics and #DuluxDogSelfie will be trending on Twitter.

Perhaps I’m a snob, the creative minds that came up with this are geniuses and Mitre 10 will be as rammed as an Apple Store on Black Friday. Or maybe my initial instinct will be proved right and the poor dog will sit there all day like an unpopular, BO-ridden author at a book signing.

Hard to call, isn’t it? As the screenwriter William Goldman famously said about Hollywood, “No-one knows anything.”

Bravo BBH

I love this, it’s utterly brilliant.