Copywriter: Snoop Dogg?

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.10.36 pm

I keep seeing this ad around Sydney. Now, either I’ve lost the plot or it makes no sense whatsoever. It feels like the writer’s been neglecting to Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side and keeping it all for himself. Or perhaps s/he’s trying to go for a Have you ever wondered how the man who drives a snowplough drives to the snowplough? vibe. But the snowplough bloke is a man…he drives a car. This is a beer. Beer doesn’t drink beer. Beer doesn’t drink any drink…it is a drink.

The only place this nicely art-directed idiocy might resonate even remotely is some surreal alternative dimension where logic turns in on itself, hashcakes are legal tender, Noel Fielding is the reigning monarch, school textbooks are full of Happy Mondays lyrics and the constitution is based on the works of Edward Lear. Even there, I feel the idea of Dave Schooner and his mates Jimmy Pint and Mick Midi popping down to the pub to drink mini versions of themselves would be frowned upon. Surely that’s a bit like being a beer cannibal or booze vampire or something?

Anyway, I don’t think Coopers are looking to communicate with the residents of this parallel universe. And I don’t imagine the target demographic on the brief was baked philosophy undergraduates. Until it is, I propose we avoid turning this into a new genre of head-scratching stoner advertising – the car that cars would drive; the bank account that bank accounts would deposit their savings into; the condom that condoms would use; the bog roll that bog rolls would wipe their bog roll arses with – and stick to writing ads that cover the basic principle of making some tiny smidgeon of, you know, actual sense.


About antmelder
Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

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