Speaking Truth To Power


In the wake of the Paris atrocities a few video commentaries seemed to go viral, including John Oliver’s brilliant, sweaty HBO rant, Andrew Neil’s celebration of French culture and Waleed Aly’s typically intelligent and passionate piece on The Project.  I found all of these inspiring for different reasons, but when you think about it, they’re all coming from the relatively safe haven of the ‘Western’ media.

Which makes the video above, of Saudi-Kuwaiti singer Shams Bandar telling it like it is to some slimy dickhead on Egyptian TV, all the more awesome. She recently announced that she was renouncing her Saudi and Kuwaiti nationalities to get European citizenship. And now the religious establishment are trying to take her down a peg or ten. But her fearless indignation is two fingers up to the Saudi monarchy/government, their vile, backwards Sharia ‘legal system’ and those medieval fascists in ISIS.

It feels a bit dark and threatening at the start, when the host says, “People will accuse you of treason, collaboration and selling out the Arab cause.” I just hope she doesn’t get sentenced to stoning or given some other barbaric Saudi punishment for having the (metaphorical) balls to speak truth to power. She’s seriously brave, very inspiring and – I hope she wouldn’t mind me mentioning this – she’s quite easy on the eye, too 😉

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