I’m supposed to be getting shit done but I’ve just spend 45 minutes jamming with Bob Dylan

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Regular readers will be well aware that my biggest bugbear about the advertising industry is the amount of useless shit we put out into the world. I hate the idea of bludgeoning people over the head with a message…expecting them to buy what I’m selling just because I keep popping up with my annoying sales pitch everywhere they go, online and in ‘real’ life.

Conversely, I’m passionate about creating things that add value to people’s lives. That are useful, helpful, interesting, funny. This might include letting people know about a product offer in the simplest, clearest way possible; getting them to spend a few minutes watching a video that tells them something they didn’t know; giving them a laugh that they might then want to share with their friends on Facebook, having them spend half an hour with an immersive digital experience. And so on.

I reckon the key is doing it all in a way which is mindful of people’s time and respects the value exchange involved in any branded communication. That says, I understand that you’re busy but give me 30 seconds of your life and I’ll give you something worthwhile in return; spend 15 minutes with me and I promise it won’t be 15 minutes you wish you could get back.

This is a great example of what I’m on about. I’m supposed to be getting shit done today but I’ve just spent 45 minutes playing with it. 45 minutes of pure joy which have convinced me that I need to buy the product. Can you imagine creating a piece of work for a client that people would gladly spend 45 minutes with? That would cause them to forget about the important shit they were supposed to be doing and spend that time with your thing instead? And then, after the 45 minutes, they would enthusiastically click the ‘Buy Now’ button?

If you’re working on anything this week which is destined to end up online, here’s your benchmark. If you can convince me that my time’s better spent with your Facebook competition, immersive video experience, twitter feed or Instagram promotion than jamming with Bob Dylan, good on you…my time – and money – are yours.


About antmelder
Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

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