The funniest comedy sketch ever AKA how the fuck did they get this bloke to sign a release form?

Keith Richards tells a great story about how he wrote Satisfaction in his sleep. There’s something brilliantly simple about the song and I love the idea that it came from the depths of Keef’s subconscious, fully formed. Of course, once he had the riff and the initial lyrics, he crafted the song with Mick. But that was gravy; the difficult bit was done.

On Desert Island Discs recently, talking about how he wrote his greatest songs, Noel Gallagher said, “I still believe there’s someone up there just dropping songs all over the place and if I’m not ready to catch them, Chris Martin’s getting them or Bono’s getting them.”

Clearly the trick is in being “ready to catch” ideas – AKA being completely immersed in your particular area of creativity and working your arse off. I think that’s why we get really proficient people, in all areas of creativity. Songwriters that seem to write hit after hit, artists who produce great show after show, consistently amazing creative teams, comedians whose well of new material never seems to run dry. It feels like the creative version of the golfer Gary Player’s famous maxim, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

Dom Joly’s a great example. He’s done two seasons and two Christmas specials of Trigger Happy TV, plus multiple other TV shows, radio shows, journalism and books, with a very high standard across all of it. Clearly a man who works his arse off. And I like to think that, because of that work ethic, the sex shop idea above somehow popped into his mind, fully formed, just like Satisfaction did for Keef. One of the most sublimely funny sketches ever shown of British TV, it’s an absolutely pure idea, very simply executed, which cracks me up every time. But yeah, beyond his talents as a writer and ideas person, Dom Joly must be a master of persuasion, because how the fuck did he get that bloke to sign a release form?

PS. If you think there’s a funnier comedy sketch, I’d love to see it…


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