“The possibility of the miracle is here with us almost every day.”

I love the Charles Bukowski poem, 60 Yard Pass. It’s a raw reflection on the contrast between crapness and excellence. People doing a rubbish job in any field is depressing; watching someone take pride in their task and excel at anything – be it running the 100 metres in the Olympics, giving a best man’s speech at a wedding or making a great drink in the local coffee shop – is inspiring. And whether we’re naturally excellent or have to work our arses off to attain excellence, as long as were breathing, there’s always a chance we can do something extraordinary – in Bukowski’s words,“The possibility of the miracle is here with us almost every day.” 

The optimism buried within Bukowski’s grizzled wisdom reminds me of something an ex-colleague once said to me about why he loved advertising. He had a theory that doing ads is a flat playing field and that with the right  amount of effort, anyone could hit a cracker into the top corner at any time. Every creative at every agency in the world is literally a split second away from having an idea that could change the world, he used to say. Which I’ve always found both sobering and inspiring. And, while I’m searching for that idea, it’s helpful to watch people doing their thing with the passion, intensity and “natural excellence” Bukowski was on about, creating their own miracles – like Kevin Rowland’s goosebump-eliciting, life-affirming performance in the video above. Have a watch and check out the Bukowski poem, below.

60 Yard Pass

most people don’t do very well and I get discouraged with

their existence, it’s such a waste

all those bodies, all those lives malfunctioning:

lousy quarterbacks, bad waitresses,

incompetent carwash boys and presidents,

cowardly goal-keepers inept garage mechanics

bumbling tax accountants 
and so forth


now and then

I see a single performer doing something with a
 natural excellence

it can be
 a waitress in some cheap cafe or a 3rd string 

coming off the bench with 24 seconds on the clock

and completing that winning 
60 yard pass

which lets me believe that

the possibility of the miracle is here with us

almost every day

and I’m glad that now and then

some 3rd string quarterback
 shows me the truth of that belief

whether it be in science, art, philosophy,
 medicine, politics, and/or etc.

else I’d shoot all the lights out of
 this fucking city 
right now

– Charles Bukowski


About antmelder
Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

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