Just flop in there and scream

Thanks to everyone who’s read the blog this year, left comments on here and on Facebook, whether you agreed with me or begged to differ.

As we’re down to the final dying embers of the year, my mind’s turned to next year and what I want to achieve in 2015. My main commitment to myself is to go cold turkey on my addiction to procrastination and Get More Shit Done. There’s more than enough hours in a week for a full-on job, family time, writing this blog and doing all the creative stuff that I’ve promised myself I’ll get done. It just means less watching telly and cocking about on social media.

While all of this was swirling around in my mind, I read a quote from the wonderful Margaret Atwood comparing writing to swimming in a cold lake. She said, “Being Canadian, I go swimming in icy cold lakes, and there is always that dithering moment. Am I really going to do this? Won’t it hurt? And at some point, you just have to flop in there and scream. Once you’re in, keep going.You may have to crumple and toss, but we all do that. Courage! I think that is what’s most required.”

So Happy New Year everyone. Watch the video above and ponder the words of Harry Carpenter – “Muhammad Ali has won by a knockdown…by a knockdown…THE THING THEY SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE, HE HAS DONE!” Then sod dithering, flop in there and scream…