You got one hour back. Now get years back.

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To coincide with the clocks going back over the weekend in the UK, we’ve been running a campaign that encourages smokers to quit. The work, by the super talented Ben Stainlay and Brian Jefferson, is based on a really simple premise: while the clocks going back technically gives you an hour of your life back, if you quit smoking you’ll get years back. The idea comes from the fact that every cigarette you smoke takes time – on average about 11 minutes – off your life. Add all those sets of 11 minutes together and you have a meaningful amount of extra time to spend doing stuff you love with people you love. Instead of being, you know, dead.

Brutally simple work needs outstanding craft to bring it to life and this campaign has been lovingly crafted into beautiful press, outdoor and digital elements. The ads you see above direct people to the Quit website where smokers can input their details into an online calculator which tells you have much time you’d get back if you quit. Non-smokers can put in the details of family or friends that smoke. The tool is designed so that you can then easily share the stats across social media platforms.

Have a look, have a play with the calculator, pass it onto a smoker you know and spread the word: life’s great and smoking reduces life so quitting smoking is a proper no-brainer.



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Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

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