This is what we’re up against

I know that 95% of the people who read this blog have seen this already. But I just wanted to post it as a reminder that if you’re making online content for brands, this is the level of quality you’re up against. Is your ad/microsite/online experience as good as or better than the Cassetteboy Cameron Conference rap? Would people rather spend a couple of minutes on the bus to work watching your piece of branded content than this? Would they be willing to watch your piece all the way to the end and then excitedly share and talk about it as much as they are about this? Would they watch your piece and then go actively looking for other work you’ve done for the brand? Basically, is it as kick-arse funny/provocative/intelligent/inspiring/entertaining as this? If so, well done, you have nothing to worry about. If it’s not you (well, we!) need to ask yourself how you (we) can do better. Sobering thought, eh?


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Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

3 Responses to This is what we’re up against

  1. I totally agree Ant.

    This is why companies in the first place started buying ad space in content that people already choose to consume, such as TV, film, magazines and newspapers.

    The idea of destination brand content is largely a marketing and advertising industry self-delusion.

    • antmelder says:

      Hi Vic. Cheers for taking the time to comment. Very interesting point. Do you think that it’s impossible to create ‘destination content’? I reckon it’s possible…as long as the thing we create is as good or better than the content people were seeking out in the first place. That’s why I think we should always see our competitive set not as other brands in the category but as funny/interesting/entertaining content like this or news or, dare I say it…porn. And, especially when creating digital engagement thingies that depend on consumers giving up their valuable time get involved, make sure we apply the ‘Why Would I Give A Fuck?’ filter to stuff.

      • Helo Ant. To get straight to answering your question, yes I think it’s totally possible to create ‘destination content’ – TV stations do it every day, film companies do, video game makers do. Of course there are successes and failures in those fields every day – despite the fact that they are made by specialists in those fields, the best writers, directors and cast don’t guarantee success. And despite the fact that that content has no other brief other than to be entertaining or interesting content. Do I think it’s a good idea for brands to spend their valuable and hard-earned marketing budgets trying to make destination content? In general, no.

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