Pablo The Flamingo

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This brilliantly silly digital thingy got sent around today. It made me smile (especially when I pressed pause on the speaker icon). And it got me thinking, how many emails, Facebook messages, tweets and so on do you get every day with links to a piece of content that the sender thinks you should check out? Shitloads, right? How do you work out which ones to click on and which ones get the immediate delete treatment? Admittedly we’re in First World problems territory here but how annoying is it to click on a link that ends up being long, boring, unfunny or some fatal combination of the three? Very annoying. Especially the ones with irritating click bait headlines. I somehow resent those wasted 14 seconds more than a hour wasted in a pointless meeting. This isn’t rocket science or an amazing new insight, but…it’s really good for advertising creatives to remind ourselves that everything we do is a value exchange. The viewer’s time in exchange for something interesting, funny, informative, helpful. Respect my time and create something I’ll want to spend time with, like Pablo The Flamingo. Instead of bombarding me with something I’ll go out of my way to avoid.


About antmelder
Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

One Response to Pablo The Flamingo

  1. Pascal says:

    love your write up mate. That is exactly why I make those sites. To prove that if you can create an emotion (smile, feel good, excitement etc,) in less then 3 sec, you have won (love for the brand) the user and he can go and do something els.

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