A chilling fact and a brutally simple idea

I’ve written before about my hatred of Big Tobacco companies and my passion for using creativity as a weapon against their heinous products and marketing. Those fuckers have a product that gets people addicted and keeps them hooked until 50% of them get cancer and die early. They’re wiping their customers out but hey, it’s no big deal because Big Tobacco is growing new markets in the world’s poorest, least developed countries. These are places where health education standards are much lower and advertising is far less regulated. Where they’re allowed to peddle their bogus dream of smoking being glamorous. And sell cigarettes dirt cheap and in singles/smaller packs to get kids hooked. How do these arseholes sleep at night? Probably as soundly as babies but I like to think that one of the things that can give them nightmares is the loud buzzing of the truth being presented in a way that makes it impossible to ignore.

Which brings me to the point that today is the World Health Organisation’s No Tobacco Day. And to mark it, we’ve launched a new campaign which dramatises the fact that every six seconds someone, somewhere in the world, dies of a smoking-related disease. The work comprises a series of Vine videos; because Vines are famously six-seconds long, it’s the perfect medium to drive home this chilling stat. Marshall “The medium is the message” McLuhan would’ve liked this campaign.

I’ve written before about the power of simplicity and this work, created by Josh Bryer and David Jackson, is a perfect example of the M&C Saatchi ethos – the Brutal Simplicity of Thought. Simple ideas are the most contagious ones and our aim is to get the Vines liked, ReVined, shared and so on, to push the message out as far and wide as possible. So if you could pop over to here to do just that you’d be playing a vital part in driving awareness and donations for QUIT to continue the important work that saves lives.

Thank you very much.


About antmelder
Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

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