Hey, Andrex, I’ve come up with your next campaign for you!

over vs under final

Regular readers will recall that I’m not a fan of Andrex’s recent campaigns, particularly the wannabe social phenomenon that was #ScrunchOrFold. I know you’re probably bored of me banging on about it – “Let it go Ant, we don’t want to hear about bum-wiping ads anymore!” I hear you say – but I’m still fascinated that anyone could think it’d be a good idea to gauge the public’s arse-wiping techniques over social media.

After #ScrunchOrFold Andrex did a public service-style campaign warning about the evils of ‘Rollaphobia’ – the irritating phenomenon of people not replacing finished toilet rolls. If Andrex did want to continue their run of toilet-based social memes and go for a hat-trick, how about #OverOrUnder? We could go back to the stars of the #ScrunchOrFold ad to gauge their views on the best method for hanging a toilet roll. I can see the vox-pop montage ad in my head – the whacky IT guy with the pink tie would grin and say “Don’t make a massive blunder, hang your loo roll with the paper under!”; the macho squash guy would sharply assert “It’s gotta be over…just like this conversation”; the inappropriately seductive girl would take a suggestive sip of an Old-Fashioned and flirtatiously murmur “Definitely under…”

The ad would spark a national debate which would spill out onto social media via #OverOrUnder. Print and broadcast media would be all over it, news channels would cover it, there’d be heated debates on shop floors, in schools, offices…Parliament. The debate would have such impact and resonance that it would become a global issue, discussed by the WTO, IMF and at the G8 Summit. @BarakObama would tweet I’m an ‘over’ man myself…always telling Michelle, it’s gotta be ‘over’. #OverOrUnder and his 40 million followers would go nuts. The Pope would Instagram a picture of his bog roll in The Vatican, captioned It’s the duty of all good Roman Catholics to go ‘under’. Jesus Christ himself was an ‘under’ man. #OverOrUnder 

The campaign would win Cannes Lions, D&AD Black Pencils, BAFTAs, Grammys, the Nobel Peace Prize. But, most importantly of all, we’d finally come to understand wha…aargh sorry, I got carried away for a minute there. I’m becoming obsessed with toilet roll advertising. Right, enough, stop! This is my last ever post on Andrex campaigns, I promise.


About antmelder
Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

2 Responses to Hey, Andrex, I’ve come up with your next campaign for you!

  1. dave trott says:

    Ant, I agree that would make a better campaign because it’s based in real life.
    And ‘over or under’ is much catchier and has wider implications.

  2. antmelder says:

    True dat, Dave, as our friend Omar Little would say. Damn, now you’ve got me thinking of more executions in my imaginary #OverOrUnder campaign…

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