The benefit behind the benefit


I wrote recently about the challenges and opportunities of working on briefs in boring sectors. This ad is a great example of the fact that it’s actually not the sector that matters but the level of insight and empathy you bring to the table.

No matter what product or brand you’re working on, whether it’s sexy sports shoes, emotive charities or zzzzz-inducing insurance, there’s always a way in that’s less about the product detail and more about the context of its use.  Less about what the product is and more about how it makes you feel. I call this the benefit behind the benefit. For example, a holiday campaign could be about how hot it is in Greece or the lovely sights in Australia or it could be about the way travel makes you feel, like this. A campaign for running shoes could be about the functional benefits of the trainers or the benefit that the functional benefit will lead to, like this.

The Lloyds ad brilliantly avoids getting bogged down in the functional details of mortgages and brings to life the uplifting feeling of owning your own home in an insightful, inspiring way. In a world of big budget blockbuster ads it’s an interesting technique, beautifully crafted – the writing’s lovely and each still image is like a poster in itself. When they’re all brought together the cumulative effect is touching and I, as a consumer, start to believe that Lloyds understands me and is able to help me. Tough brief, great work.


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Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas Sydney; passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen.

One Response to The benefit behind the benefit

  1. Rob Hatfield says:

    Very, very nice. Well art directed. And a client who understands, apparently. Hats off to all involved, including you for sharing.

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