The boy Cabral plays a blinder


Juan Cabral is back…hurray! People (rightly) go on about Frank Budgen and Jonathan Glazer. And those blokes are clearly directing geniuses. But ever since Juan Cabral directed Gorilla then left Fallon to become a full-time director and did this wonderful ad, he’s been top of my ‘directors I’d love to work with’ list. What I most love about him is his ability to turn those really simple ‘the script could’ve been one sentence’ ideas into poignant, moving, motivating pieces of film. This is a great example – a brilliantly simple idea, beautifully executed.

One quibble – and I say this as someone who’d give my right testicle to have this in my portfolio. The ‘Premier Feeling’ line feels clunky and forced and the ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’ line feels a bit random. I don’t think it actually needed a line – the ‘Official Beer of the Barclays Premier League’ frame at the end does the job. As it is I’m left thinking about those lines being a bit odd rather than the ad being great. But it’s a minor point. Advertising is a funny old game and there are no easy briefs these days. But the Argentinian dynamo has set his stall out well here and at the end of the day the boy Cabral’s played a blinder. (I’ll get me sheepskin coat!)


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