Utterly beautiful


Bill Bernbach once said that “execution becomes content in a work of genius.” I’ve always thought that the key to that quote lies in the last word of the sentence. Genius is pretty thin on the ground in advertising and without it, execution is often simply the style that papers over a lack of substance. However, once in a while a piece of work comes along that’s so beautifully executed that it stops you in your tracks, moves and inspires you even without a particularly strong idea.

That’s how I feel about this campaign for Tourism Western Australia by Host and The Glue Society, Sydney. The script would have looked for all the world like a standard tourism ad. It’s basically a montage of lovely locations. But bring in a handful of phenomenally gorgeous shots, sublime cinematography, a distinctively languorous pace and a heart-breakingly beautiful track and you have something that feels surreal, dreamlike, unique. It’s like Terrence Malick got into directing ads and persuaded the Cocteau Twins to let him use one of their tracks.

The line at the end – ‘Extraordinary lives with you forever’ – doesn’t really add up for me. Does it? How? Is this whole ad the misty-eyed flashback of a septuagenarian on his deathbed? Bloody hell, that’s a bit deep isn’t it? But by that point I’m hypnotized by the beauty and I’m busy Googling ‘Holidays Western Australia’.


About antmelder
Creative Partner at Coffee Cocoa Gunpowder. Passionate vegetarian; lover of books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen; speaker of bad Cantonese.

2 Responses to Utterly beautiful

  1. Rob Hatfield says:

    Very, very nice. Altho the “Experience Extraordinary” typeface at the end seemed somewhat out of place and out of context. Should have been more elegant to compliment the filming.

  2. antmelder says:

    Totally agree about the typeface, Rob. It feels like one of those cliched Aussie fonts. Didn’t do the ad justice.

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