Be audacious


I was at an MAA session this morning in which Patrick Collister was presenting his thoughts on this year’s Cannes Lions. Among the many interesting things he had to say, he dropped in a little nugget about the multi-Grand Prix winning Dumb Ways To Die. When McCanns Melbourne first presented the idea, the junior client loved it but the senior client didn’t like it and refused to sign it off. The junior client then went around his boss and took the idea to the board who agreed to go for it. And the rest is history. Top work, audacious junior client.

Anyway, while Dumb Ways To Die was picking up its 25th Lion, this pretty cool ad for the Smart Car FourTwo slipped by relatively unnoticed. Brilliantly lateral idea that would’ve taken a seriously ballsy client to buy. (“You’re going to spend 90% of the ad showing things the car can’t do? OK, great, sold.”) It’s so bold I reckon many CDs would’ve kyboshed it at the first review. Wonderfully crafted too (best use of music I’ve come across in ages). The whole thing stands out brilliantly among the bland corporate hyperbole of most automotive advertising. Well done audacious people at BBDO Germany.


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